Alexa is an virtual artificial intelligence assistant developed by Amazon. It is a voice controlled assistant support Fire OS, iOS and Android.

ALEXA T.H                                                

Well, there are couple of Alexa widgets that seems very simple, but they are very handy if used properly. This simple widget will tell the height of an object. Its horizontal distance and angle to top of object are combined to give you an answer.

How to use:

Use decimals for both measurements (i-e two point five feet), but not fractions (i.e. two and a half feet)

Translate This    

. After Google Playstore and Apple App Store, Alexa developers has also introduced translation app. Translate some of the most basic words in the most common and important languages using this application. By going through the prompts, you can quickly and easily get approximate translations that can be used immediately. All languages are not supported yet, they will be supported shortly.

Memory Bank             

by Darvins Lab LLC

Solution to the biggest problem these days everyone is facing. Forgetting things and then facing embarrassment.

You have a promised your spouse that you will bring a gift today when returning home after duty. You return home empty handed and the most embarrassing scene of the movie begins.

Memory Bank Developed by Darvins Lab LLC comes to the rescue in these, and many other situations.

But it can only remember one thing at a time for you. Asking Memory Bank to remember a second memory will overwrite the first, but you can record a memory with a single sentence.

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