Before the invention of gasoline engines in 1900 one third of the cars were electrical in US. The first electric car was developed by Robert Anderson in 1832. Fifty years later gasoline engine was invented and changed the whole scene. Yes, the current era is the revival of electric cars. 

The first hybrid car electric P1 was invented by Ferdinand Porsche in the end of 19th century. It was based on gasoline and battery.

Now 2020 is considered the year of electric cars. The classical technology is reviving. The future of cars is changing very rapidly. The next emerging technologies in cars are driverless and electric cars.

4 Types of Plug in Electric Vehicles (PEV)

On the basis of range PEVs are divided into 4 types.

  • Long Range EV

There are long range EVs which can travel hundreds of miles on a single battery charge and then can be recharged in a relatively short time.

Tesla S 2014 model is a long range EV that can travel up to 265 miles.

  • Limited Range EVs

Its limited range is sufficient for many travelers, but it is impractical for long trips.

It is more affordable than the long range battery electric cars due to the reduced size of its battery.

Nissan Leaf 2014 is a limited range EV.

  • Range Extended Hybrid Electric Vehicles.

The hybrid cars use two types of distinct powers. These cars operate as a zero-emission vehicle until its battery is depleted. After that an internal combustion engine turns to recharge a battery and extends its range.

Chevrolet Volt 2014 is a limited range EV. It can travel 38 miles on battery and 380 miles on fuel.

  • Minimal Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicles.

Its small battery can be charged from the electric grid, but it is an all-electric range that is much smaller than the average daily U.S driving distance. The Toyota plugin Prius 2014 is a minimal plug in HEV which can travel 6 miles on battery and 540 miles on fuel.


  1. Electrical Vehicles are eco-friendly.
  2. It saves money.
  3. Low cost of maintenance.


  1. They are expensive as compare to gasoline vehicles.
  2. Limited range on charge (older versions).
  3. Lack of places to charge.
  4. Still a baby technology.

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